Wake County Revisits Violent Rolesville Police Video

— A Wake County Commissioner called for a meeting Thursday evening because of the a cell phone video of a Rolesville High School student being slammed to the ground by a Rolesville police officer in early January.

Officials said the video shows an officer responding to a fight. The video spread quickly, causing outrage, and the State Bureau of Investigation is investigating the case.

Officers, educators, parents and others talked about school safety and incidents in schools that land students in court. The meeting was called by Wake County Commissioner Jessica Holmes.

“The incident here in Rolesville did kind of revive this conversation, and this meeting convening today was a specific request from the community to be heard on this issue,” Holmes said.

“Students are getting into, for example, fights in the cafeteria, where they would traditionally have been sent to the principal’s office or maybe suspended from the school bus, they are now being arrested and taken to jail.”

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