Wake Forest, NC – Happy Video

The Wake Forest Happy video is finally out. You can watch it above.

First off I would be entirely remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the wonderful people of the Wake Forest, North Carolina area who participated in the video or emotionally supported the process.

Wake Forest is located just north or Raleigh, North Carolina. The area is bigger than just the Town of Wake Forest and even those outside of the Town proper got into this project. Without everyone it would not have been possible.

It wasn’t but a few weeks ago that I had this insane idea to do a Wake Forest version of the Happy song by Pharrell Williams. What was I thinking?

But Williams has been so very gracious and understanding in allowing people to use his original music to make videos like this that bring joy and happiness to so many people. He spoke about how he has embraced this process during a recent Oprah interview.

To everyone who participated, thank you yet again. I would love to list all the people and groups that participated but inevitably I’d accidentally leave someone out. To avoid any unintentional hurt feelings I’m just extending a general virtual hug to you and want to let you know you’ve touched my heart.

People have asked me what is the most important thing I learned through this process. The answer is simple. Besides not letting a soap-bubble fly up your nose while shooting a video, it is clear our little section of the world is a special, caring, loving, and friendly place to live. That wasn’t a new revelation, but simply reinforced through the making of this video.

Below you will find a version of the video with my commentary on it and things to look for.


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  1. LOVE IT!!!! Well done! I guess the best thing I can say is that your Happy video gave me a great smile and made me even more happy I live in Wake Forest!!!!

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