Saturday, December 4, 2021

Sunny Saturday Helps Warm Chilly Temps

Current Temperatures, DMA

— A cold start on Saturday morning was a the chilliest temperature the Triangle has seen in almost a month, but a sunny day will help thaw the chill.

The temperature in Raleigh dropped down to 26 degrees early in the morning. The last time it was that cold was on Feb. 10, but the mercury will rise quickly.

“As we head from 8 to 9 o’clock or so, most of the area will come back up out of those 20s and head above freezing,” said WRAL meteorologist Mike Moss. By noon, temperatures will rise into the mid-40s, and most people will be in the low 50s by the early evening.

The cooler air is here to stay for at least another day, though, as a cold air mass hovers over the Triangle.

The low temperature will drop back down to 26 degrees overnight Saturday and into Sunday morning.

North Carolina will begin to warm up again on Monday and Tuesday as temperatures climb back into the mid- to high-60s, and those numbers will persist into next weekend.

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