Get A North Carolina Real Estate License

I am often asked by people, “How do I get a North Carolina Real Estate License?”  As an instructor that is also a practicing agent, it is a question many people have so let’s take a look at how to get the license and what the costs are.

To start with, the North Carolina Real Estate Commission governs the rules and regulations for obtaining a license in the state of North Carolina.

The NCREC requires 75 hours of class time (usually taught by a proprietary school  or a community college) and you must pass a final exam in order to be eligible to take the state exam.

Once you have passed the state exam, you can begin working with a real estate company as long as they are licensed in North Carolina.  However, your education is not yet complete.

For the first three years after you get a North Carolina real estate license, on the anniversary of your date of licensure, you must have completed a 30 hour “Broker” class.  There are three of these classes:  “Broker Relationships and Responsibilities”, “Contracts and Closings” and “Selected Topics.”

Post License Class Schedule From Superior School Of Real Estate

It is optional to take all three prior to the third year deadline, but you must take a minimum of one each year (again based on the date you were licensed, not the North Carolina fiscal year).

In addition, you will be required to take 8 hours annually of continuing education.  Four hours is the “General Update” (GenUp) class that all licensees in the state must attend.  There are no online courses available for the GenUp course.  These courses must be taught by a certified instructor so that the message delivered is the same to every licensee in the state.

Along with the GenUp course, you are required to take a 4 hour “elective” course.  There are many different classes to take on a wide variety of subjects (similar to elective classes in college).

See Brian’s Continuing Education Schedule Here

Your continuing education each year must be taken no later than June 10 for you to renew your license by July 1.   There is an exemption for continuing education for your first renewal.  CE is required beginning with the second renewal of your license.

An example of the timeline is below:

February 15, 2017 – Get a North Carolina Real Estate License

July 1, 2017- License Renewal

*No continuing education required for the first renewal of your license

February 15, 2018 – Must have completed one (1) 30 hour Broker course.

June 10, 2018 – Must have completed Mandatory Update and Elective CE courses.

July 1, 2018 – License Renewal

February 15, 2019 – Must have completed the second 30 hour Broker course.

June 10, 2019 – Must have completed Mandatory Update and Elective CE courses.

July 1, 2019- License Renewal

February 15, 2020 – Must have completed the final 30 hour Broker course.

June 10, 2020 – Must have completed Mandatory Update and Elective CE courses.

July 1, 2020 – License Renewal

Each subsequent year, the licensee must complete eight hours of CE by June 10 to renew the license on July 1.

This is a great visual from the Superior School Of Real Estate for the timeline:

Superior Get a Real Estate License In North Carolina

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Costs to get in the real estate business in North Carolina:

Item Annual
Board of Realtors $            500.00
Board of Realtors Initiation $            300.00
NC Real Estate License $              45.00
NC Privilege License $              50.00
Quarterly TMLS Access $            600.00
Continuing Education $            140.00
Professional Head Shot $            100.00
Business Cards $              75.00
Cell Phone $            780.00
Car Insurance Increase $            300.00
Total Annual Cost $        2,890.00

For more details on the costs of starting and maintaining in the real estate business, click here.

The real estate business has been an amazing career for me and many others.  Contact us to find out when our next Career Night is scheduled.  There, you can learn more and ask specific questions that pertain to you in the process.

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