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Light of Day- Enjoying Springtime Fun With Your Pets

March 6, 2017  By: Gerry Arner

On a spring day in my freshmen year of college, my buddy received a letter from his mother asking him to remember not to let the distractions of college life interfere with all of the aesthetic qualities spring had to offer. He read the letter out loud to our group of friends with much amusement, and laughter from all. I quickly ran to my room to look up the word, aesthetic, then returned to the gang to partake in more of the lighthearted revelry.

Cats + St. Patty’s Day = FUN!

For me, the advent of spring starts around the first day of March. To be more precise, the last week of February, when pitchers and catchers report to baseball spring training, sets my heart a flutter with much joyful spring-like feelings. From that point forward, it’s college basketball, St. Patty’s Day, daylight savings time, Easter, etc. All of these events add up to chase away my winter blues.

Our pets take a somewhat simplistic approach, focusing more on the aesthetic yearnings pointed out in Phil’s mom’s letter. That is why it is important, fun, and healthy for both you and your pet to get out and enjoy the fun and frolic of the season, while staying safe, too. We can do a lot to help our pets and we will benefit ourselves, along the way.

Shannon with Pharrell and Betty White on one of our hikes at Blue Jay Point

I’ll focus on our canine friends who are the ones most needing our assistance when it comes to outdoor activity. Cats have their own agendas when it comes to what they will and won’t embark upon, however, if you’d like to guide your cat to some springtime activities, maybe allow him/her time on a screened porch, or perch near a window sill. Always remember, safety first!

Check with your local baseball club for “Bark at the Park” Day!

The fun that comes with spring may be an easy distraction from some of the safety hazards common to spring time. These involve potentially poisonous plants that bloom this time of year. Also, standing water from springtime rain can produce harmful bacteria. Mulches and fertilizers can be a culprit in your pet’s safety. These are a few general issues and I’d be best served to guide you to a helpful link from the ASPCA about other springtime warnings.

I’m sure your recreation routines with your pet are well set, but maybe we can offer a few additional ideas. Perhaps take in the greenway trails local to your home. Here is a great resource for trails in North Carolina. Don’t forget, our local State Parks. An adventure with your pup is awaiting. A favorite for our family is Blue Jay Point County Park. There are trails and with it being on Falls Lake, a lot of wildlife to observe as well.

“I’m a little tired out, but feeling ok. I got a little lost along the way, but I’m just around the corner from the light of day”- these words spilled out of my car speakers. Their upbeat and triumphant quality set the wheels in motion for my spring oriented writing. So, batter-up, bottoms up, shoot the three, but don’t forget to include your pet, in on your spring time fun!

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