Saturday, January 22, 2022

New Models Show 50 Percent Chance of Up to 2 Inches of Snow

The potential for snow Sunday morning.

— There’s a significant chance the Triangle sees some snow this weekend, according to new runs from weather forecast models, but the exact total is still uncertain.

The European ensemble model shows the Triangle has about a 50 percent chance of seeing anywhere from a trace of snow to two inches. There’s a 20 percent of seeing no snow at all and just a 4 percent chance of seeing more than 6 inches.

WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said there is a better chance to see snow from the Triangle to areas north while areas south of the Triangle are more likely to see a wintry mix or rain.

Gardner said it is still too early to be certain about what the system will do, but if current forecast models hold up and enough cold air moves in, the area will see snow.

“The question is how much and how well will it do, with these warm temperatures, will it actually stick to anything,” she said. “At this point, we can’t just ignore the fact that there are impacts possible. There could be some problems on the road if the snow falls heavily enough.”

Officials with the North Carolina Department of Transportation said that unless the forecast changes, they plan to send crews out Friday to brine roadways.

Gardner said there is a possibility that the precipitation could fall as rain only throughout the area if temperatures don’t drop as much as expected.

“Even if we have no snow at all, it’s going to be a miserable day on Sunday with rain and miserable conditions,” she said.

The storm would move through the Triangle late Saturday night and last through the middle of the day on Sunday,

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