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Bet You Didn’t Know Your Trash Can Can Kill You

I think people already know if their trash can is filthy dirty or not. Probably most people just think of it as a mess that lives outside so it’s of little importance. But for others, the idea that the bacteria growing hot mess of a can could attract rodents, racoons, roaches and other crawly insects, is worth some attention.

Apparently the outdoor trash can is a breeding ground for E. Coli, Salmonella, Baylisascaris & Listeria Leptospirosis. That’s not good, right?

Historically the options for cleaning out that trash can was to drag it out in the yard, untangle the hose, spray it out, and dump the nasty water on the lawn or in the street where it washes down to the sewer and who knows where.

Cleaning your own trash cans is a nice effort but almost hardly worth the energy to do. While spraying out your disgusting trash can with cold water might make you feel better, it’s nowhere as good as washing it out with near boiling 200 degree fahrenheit scalding water.

Local Wake Forest resident Joel Odegaard, who should probably change his name to Odorguard, has launched an almost first in the nation business that will leave you with fresh and environmentally friendly clean trash cans. Apparently this type of service is more well known and popular in the UK and Australia.

Look, I was just as skeptical as you are so I asked Joel to come give my dirty disgusting trash bins a clean to see how the service worked. Bottom line: impressive.



Here is How It Works

Joel arrives in his high pressure bacteria killing vehicle. He also does pressure washing of stuff like driveways, homes, and pollen encrusted porches. Ask him to show you the driveway cleaning thing on his truck. Pretty cool and it melts the grime away.

On the back of the truck is that big green thing which contains all the nasty stuff that gets cleaned out of the trash cans.

The can first gets sprayed with some cleaning stuff that smells nice to give you that new can smell.

Up it goes and it will emerge with all the nasty stuff gone.

After several minutes of high pressure hot water washing with some fancy multi-nozzle thing the can steams and all the junk that washes out is captured on Joel’s truck. Not a drop hit my driveway. That nasty wash water gets disposed of properly at a local facility.

Joel gives the can some final extra attention and it emerged like I’ve never seen it before. Washed away were those old remnants of that crab party we had years ago that always reintroduced themselves on a hot summer day.

To make this service even easier Joel will tiptoe by your house on trash day and clean the cans after the trash vanishes. You can also schedule him to come by every couple of months or do it just once. Prices are very affordable.

If you hate germs, bacteria, attracting rodents, or you are just an OCD neat freak – this might be the service for you. Especially if you are an environmentally conscious person.

You can find out more over at or give Joel a call at 503-730-4983.

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