Youngsville Fire Department Uses Gravity to Hold Down Car

Let me tell you how much I love and respect the Youngsville Fire Department and my readers. When I get up at 4 AM to run out to cover a single vehicle rollover accident on a dark CSS (can’t see squat (I actually had shit there but thought someone might get upset so I used squat instead)) Holden Road and fall in a ditch doing it, that’s devotion.

Here is what I know for certain, the driver of the overturned car was reported to not be very injured at all. Period. That is unless he gets into an accident in the ambulance on the way to WakeMed. In that case I’m not covering it because I’m going back to bed.

But let me tell you it was a special kind of dark out on Holden Road as members of the Youngsville Police, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, and the Youngsville Fire Department all came together to help some poor sod out on a less than perfect morning as he managed to roll his car over all by himself on a lovely recently paved road. Seriously, whoever just paved Holden Road did an awesome job.

A Youngsville Police Officer, Franklin County Deputy, and Youngsville firefighters all work to deal with the early AM accident.
A Youngsville Police Officer, Franklin County Deputy, and Youngsville firefighters all work to deal with the early AM accident.

I do have to give a special shout out to Franklin County Deputy Andy Andrews for being a real nice guy. Of course I’m sure if I was running through the woods at 3:30 AM trying to hold up my pants and carry a stolen 12-pack at the same time he’d probably have his command voice on and yelling something other than “Excuse me sir.”

And that gravity headline, well, the part of the story you need to appreciate is a bunch of Youngsville firefighters got out of bed at 4 AM to drive on over to the accident to mostly sweep up some stuff on the ground under the watchful eye of Assistant Chief David Williams. The heroic part is not that they had to repel from a cliff to rescue the victim, which they didn’t, but that they are there, ready, able, and professionally equipped to deal with the most dire of emergencies when Youngsville residents need them.

And yes, I will confess to falling victim to that gravity thing they were using to hold the overturned car in place when I stepped in the one spot that was deeper than the rest. And just to show what true professionals the Youngsville Fire Department has serving, they didn’t laugh at all until they made sure I was okay. I had to laugh with them, but I did get bonus points for jumping right back up.

P.S. And as a technical point for any photographer out there to understand just how bad the CSS condition was, most of the photos I shot were at ISO 25,600 and I’m not kidding.

P.S.S. Let me just nip it in the bud if anyone got upset I used the word squat in place of the word shit. If so, please feel free to not read the Wake Forest News. I was just trying to respect the shit haters out there and not get them riled up.

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