Is The Crosswalk Conundrum a Conspiracy at the Seminary?

Being the investigative reporter that I am I had to tackle the statement a reader sent in. They said, “I have a potential story for you, what is up with the roundabout in front of the Seminary (Main Street and 98)? There used to be brick crosswalks, and they have disappeared! Now it’s just filled in asphalt…. is this permanent or temporary?”

Well thank you for your inquiry. Following the application of a token amount of investigative effort, and I honestly mean that, I received the following response from the Town.

Bill Crabtree, the energetic and dapper public spokesperson, and also friend of the beach said, “The “plain” crosswalks are temporary. The new “stamped” crosswalks will be installed in mid-July.”

Can you tell it has been a slow day so far?

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