I Bet You Take Joyner Park for Granted

I was out flying today in Joyner Park and it wasn’t until I got home and looked at the footage that it hit me like a brick, I take Joyner Park for granted.

It’s a bit like how in your field you are a recognized expert but when your family gets together they don’t think you can boil water or know what you are talking about. They take you for granted.

And that’s what I often do with Joyner Park. I shouldn’t. It is a special and beautiful place and all our in amazing Wake Forest, NC. Whoever designed the place should be proud. Damn proud. They did a wonderful job. The miles of trails and preserved structures are wonderful and that pecan grove of trees is a magical spot. But I don’t think it is until you see it from the air that you can really appreciate it. I hope you agree.

If you have not been by there recently it’s at 701 Harris Road.

As a bonus, here is a previous video I did that included more of Joyner Park.

Big hat tip to all the wonderful people I met while out there flying. One thing I don’t take for granted is those special moments of making new Wake Forest friends.