A Look at Three Upcoming Developments in Wake Forest

Our little slice of heaven here in Wake Forest is one the move and growing. Some people would love to keep it the way it’s always been but hasn’t it really always been growing?

The new Wake Forest of tomorrow will become the quaint old Wake Forest for the next generations. They will reminisce about the good old days when we only had Target, Kohls and Walmart.

Of course I’m still bummed about the loss of the old Shucker’s. I loved that place, they tore it down, and now people love the new Shucker’s without any recollection of the original location. But both progress and time marches on. Just to make you feel better, you are also dying a little bit each day as well.

Yes, traffic will be a growing irritation but there will also be more shopping and eating places that spring up as well. It seems our world will just become smaller with less travel required to discover the basics.

I never thought I’d see a Harris Teeter out on Durham Road (Rt 98) near Creedmoor Road but there it is surrounding that little cemetery. Kind of creepy but that’s development and progress for you. Sometimes it’s a little creepy.

But let’s look at three developments in the works.

Wake Forest Developments

A – Franklin Street Apartments

The site plan says this new apartment complex will add 108 units to Wake Forest, a total of 204 additional bedrooms. The maximum building height will be six stories and the complex will occupy 6.63 acres. There will be 196 parking spaces.

Click on image for larger view.
Click on image for larger view.

B – Holding Village

This development will contain both single family and townhomes. It will empty out onto Dr. Calvin Jones and a traffic light is intended to be installed at that intersection. According to the site plans an application will be made to NCDOT. The main road into the development will be named South Franklin Street.

It appears the development will contain a possible future greenway trail and park.

Click on image for larger view.
Click on image for larger view.

The development will also contain retail space for future businesses to be located inside the subdivision.

Click on image for larger view.
Click on image for larger view.

It appears there will also be some duplex units as well.

Click on image for larger view.
Click on image for larger view.

C – Villagio at La Scala

Apparently now when you think of Wake Forest, you think of Italy. Villagio? Really? What can I say, that’s progress. I wonder what Villagio at La Scala will sound like with a redneck twang to it? Vil-ag-e-o at da La-scale-e-ah. Can’t wait.

According to a local resident the developers also get a swing and a miss on the name because, well I’ll let them tell you.

I grew up in Milan, Italy, the world-renown theater La Scala.

My only suggestion to the developers is that, if they really want to sound Milanese or at least Italian, they should spell VILLAGGIO the correct way, with 2 g’s.

This development is located off the access road that parallels Rt. 1. The road with the old motel and gold buying shop on it.

Click on image for larger view.
Click on image for larger view.

According to the site plan there will be 248 units located on 22.63 acres. There will be 4.28 acres of open space. The development will contain a “doggie” park. Most of the buildings will be set way back. The club house and pool will be located at the entrance with two apartment buildings.

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  1. Looks like WF will need some more big box stores to serve the growing population. Guess there will be more traffic lights for increased traffic. Add another five minutes to Raleigh commute. WF – small town bedroom community or Brier Creek? Looks like the decision has already been made.

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