Damn You Smoking Abandoned Home

Around 9:30 PM on Wednesday night a call went out for a number of fire departments to respond to a potential structure fire in north Wake Forest. Wake Forest Fire Department, Stony Hill Fire Department, and Youngsville Fire Department all headed to the rescue.

Unfortunately the rescue turned out to be something that appeared to be kids or teenagers playing around in a bank owned abandoned foreclosure and doing a little something-something that created some smoke. No fire.

A group of neighbors who live around the house said they were going to keep close tabs on the place and will not hesitate to call the police if they see anyone going in that place again.

If someone does go in they better have a pre-qualification letter from a lender and a real estate contract because this kind of stupid kids in an empty house call can risk lives when first responders are rushing for nothing.

Members of the Wake Forest Police Department, a number of firefighters, and at least one reporter had a chance to talk for a few minutes on a less hot summer night with stars hanging above. Then everyone dispersed and got back to work.

It was a pleasure to meet Wake Forest Police Department Officer Hale for the first time, I think. He’s a WFPD K-9 officer who thankfully left his canine police partner in the car, resting for that midnight foot chase that might just come.

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