Why Do We Keep Hearing Explosions Near Falls Lake?

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Dear Wake Forest News,

I have, and others as well, heard loud explosions late at night quite a few times. It has been raised a few times on the Wake Forest Community Information page on facebook.

We live off Bud Morris Rd, but the explosions sound distant as if they were across the lake (Falls Lake) perhaps.

When I have heard the explosions I have checked radar and there hasn’t been any thunder. I last heard it on Sunday, around 9 pm. Some other people heard it too from other parts of town. Thought it might be something worth looking into (for no other reason than to satisfy #8).

Thank you!”


The Best Answer We’ve Got

Dear Caroline,

Thank you for referring to #8 (Cutting edge in-depth journalism to break important news events that will bring us fame or fortune. Still waiting on that one) from our contact page.

After checking around the best explanation we could come up with was either a potato cannon experiment gone bad or this statement from Captain Jimmy Stevens at the Wake Sheriff’s Office, “One of our deputies recently charged an individual with discharging large pyrotechnics in that area and I believe that it is probably the what people were hearing.”

I assume “pyrotechnics” means bombs. For some folks that’s just a Tuesday night. You’ve got to wonder what was going through the head of the person setting those off. It’s not like they didn’t know people would not be able to hear them. But then again, some people are “special” in that way.

Keep us posted here if they reappear.

Your friends at the Wake Forest News.

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