South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo Raleigh Fire Truck Parade

As part of the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo held in Raleigh last week, Saturday events included a fire truck parade for attendees. Both local and regional departments had trucks traveling down blocked off Raleigh streets on Saturday under hot blue skies.

Departments included Durham Highway Volunteer Fire Department, Sharpsburg Fire Department, Bay Leaf Fire Department, Raleigh Fire Department, Antioch Fire Department, Chapel Hill Fire Department, East Nash Fire Department, Wilson’s Mills Fire Department, Louisburg Fire Department, and Tramway Rural Fire Department.

The trucks travelled from the State Capital to down past the Convention Center where most of the crowd was assembled.

Ironically, I was directed a different way to the end of the parade to beat the trucks so I could cover their arrival. While I did wind up beating the parade, I also wound up passing in front of the crowd with the lights all on BS-2. Talk about an awkward moment! I did the only thing I knew to do and waved like an idiot.

The day’s activities included training sessions, competitions, BBQ, and other good fun for the attending convention goers. More to come on that.

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