My University Won’t Let Me Back In or Give Me My Transcript Until I Pay Up


Dear Steve,

I owe the university less than 2k, I asked them for a payment plan and they said they will not allow me to continue with my classes until I pay and that they will send me to collection and I can make a payment plan with them.

I need to go back to school but I can’t get my transcript or go back to school until I pay my debt and my job is requesting that I go back to school and finish my degree.

If the school sent my account to collection that means they write off the debt and probably will get a tax break from it in the meantime I’m in collections and it’s affecting my credit report and even if I pay it, it will still be in my report and I will be paying double if I pay the collection company because then the IRS will be coming after soon since the school sent me to collection.

Not sure what to do, pay the collection go back to school or try to speak to the school and argue that since my account was sent to collection there is no debt owed. Any advise?



Dear Maria,

The assumption the school wrote the debt off because it went to collections is incorrect. Any creditor can utilize a third-party collector. The insertion of a debt collector means nothing more than an outside agent has been retained in an effort collect money owed.

Schools hold transcripts till money owed is paid. The transcript is the collateral.

Either way here you are either going to have to negotiate a payment plan that will satisfy the school to release your transcript / let you back in or see if your company will advance the money to get you back in or pay off the debt yourself.

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