Moffat Pipe to Build Huge Gravel Lot Behind Charter School

As part of my ongoing coverage of development plans under review, here is another. You can find all past stories, here.

Keep in mind these plans are currently under review and may have some changes and modifications as they go through that process with the Town of Wake Forest.

Moffat Pipe

Dear Moffat Pipe, thank you for being a local Wake Forest employer. I also noticed your proposed building expansion over at 2708 Connector Drive. Things must be looking up in the pipe biz.

Moffat Pipe is looking to build what appears to be a shop or maintenance facility on parcels in the industrial park right behind where the charter school is going in on Burlington Mills Road.

How much you want to bet some of the kids are going to be admiring the industrial equipment through the fence at recess? I would have.

The shaded area in the plans below denote a gravel parking lot.

Click on image for a larger view.
Click on image for a larger view.

Mofat Pipe Location

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