Seminary Praying for Big Expansion Approval from Wake Forest

As part of my ongoing coverage of development plans under review, here is another. You can find all past stories, here.

Keep in mind these plans are currently under review and may have some changes and modifications as they go through that process with the Town of Wake Forest.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Yesterday I published the expansion plans for the Wake Forest Baptist Church and mentioned how their proposed parking lot was going to extend to an area behind the old college arches off Front Street. Well after looking at the proposed expansion plans for the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, it all becomes clear.

It does look like that beautiful corner of the campus that sits empty behind the old stone wall is destined to become a parking lot.

I’m sure the expansion makes amazingly good sense for the seminary. The folks over there know what they are doing. I’ve always found them to be competent and kind.

But I still can’t stop this song from dropping in my head as I look at the plans for that corner.

Who knows how long these projects will actually take. Maybe they will never happen. maybe they will happen soon. It’s their property to do as they see fit.

Click on image for a larger view.
Click on image for a larger view.

Besides the big snaky parking lot it looks like the major impact is going to be to those folks who live across from the high school. The proposal is to replace those units with student housing that will contain about 300 housing units with 432 parking spaces.

SEBTS Expansion Location

It is interesting the school lists they will have a total of just 67 classrooms but 205 offices. That sure seems like a lot of offices to classrooms for a college, but then again what do I know.

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