Can You Help Mary Beth Find Her Stolen Horse?

Lost Tonto 1

I received a request for help from Mary Beth about her stolen/lost horse. According to Mary Beth, “I leased my horse (pictured here) to a girl in the summer of 2012. That girl sold him a few weeks later. Then he was sold again several months later, and now I have no idea where he is.

Lost Tonto

The last person known to have possession of this horse was Erica Young. She sold him under the name “Dance with Me” (aka: “Dancer”) as a dressage prospect.

I believe Mary Beth said his name was Tonto. She also says, “I would love to find my boy with your help!”

She says the horse is:

  • Quarter Horse gelding
  • About 10-12 years old now
  • About 15.1–15.2hh
  • Just this blaze seen here (no white socks) – swoops toward his left nostril but not past his top lip
  • His coat is red/sorrel
  • His tail is multicolored (dark brown, silver, red)
  • His mane usually stays pretty thin
  • He also has a little “dent” in is right shoulder (not pictured here)

Any information on this horse would be much appreciated! 

“I would be interested in buying him back from whoever may have him currently.”

Please call Mary Beth at (919)422-5608 or email [email protected] with any info!

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