Citizen Issue Reported: Traffic Control Issues

Wake Forest Issue Reported on Fri, 20 Oct 2017 07:26:37 -0400: Traffic Control Issues at Address: Ligon Mill Road/Caveness Farm Ave Wake Forest, North Carolina
Rating: 3

Ligon Mill Rd now connects to the rear of the new part of the Reynolds Mill subdivision (does not show on maps). The three way junction at Caveness Farm Ave/Ligon Mill Rd only has a TWO way stop on it. Trqaffic leaving Reynolds Mill has to Stop. traffic coming up Caveness Farm Ave has to stop. Traffic coming down Ligon Mill Rd from the S main end does NOT have to stop at this junction. However someone unfamiliar with the junction (and there are many now there’s new building back there) leaving the Reynolds Mill area might expect someone coming down Ligon Mill Rd towards them to stop when in fact they won’t. I’ve not seen an accident there yet but I have seen confusion there and I know that when I come down Ligon Mill rod to that intersection, I take it very carefully in case aa vehicle waiting to pull out from Caveness Farm Ave to go towards Reynold Mill expects me to stop when in fact I don’t have to.
It needs to be made int ooa true T junction with just a stop on Caveness FArm Ave or a three way stop. The existing configuration is an accident waiting to happen.

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