Citizen Issue Reported: Dogs outside and barking beyond normal kennel operating hours

Wake Forest Issue Reported on Mon, 31 Aug 2015 18:48:59 -0400: Dogs outside and barking beyond normal kennel operating hours at Address: Cobble Hill Bed & Biscuit Dog Kennel Wake Forest, North Carolina
Rating: 4

Our neighborhood backs up to the Cobble Hill Bed & Biscuit dog kennel. We recognize that there will be a certain amount of noise from normal kennel operations. However, in multiple email exchanges with the owners (who do not live in town), we have been told that they do not let the dogs out before 7am or after about 7pm. Yet, we regularly hear dogs outside in the runs barking until 11pm at night. Additionally, we hear music playing from the kennel all night. And, we hear them let the dogs out as early as 5:45am some mornings. We can hear the dogs inside our home, over our television and wakes us at times. When we report this, Wake Forest says it’s a county issue. Wake County says it’s a town issue. No one will address it.

Additionally, from what I understand their waste removal system is not one that would pass code under today’s standards, but they are “grandfathered in” to the system they have – which is just a drainage pond that collects at the back of their property. The smell is horrific, and we have been told that if this was a new business, this type of waste system would not be approved.

I understand they’ve been here for decades, but seems like something could be done to keep the peace at night, and address the waste. Any help navigating the black hole of “not my territory” would be appreciated. The owners have become unresponsive, despite all communications being very cordial.

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