Watch Wake Forest Featured in NC Weekend Show

Local Wake Forest resident Alan Brown recently completed a four-minute feature piece about downtown Wake Forest and all the things to do.

It will air on UNC-TV on August 21 at 9 PM. I’d tell you what channel that was but who knows if it is the same on the different platforms. So check your own guide and set it up to record.

The segment is part of the “North Carolina Weekend” show that introduces viewers to cool places to go and spend money around the state.

What you will see in the Wake Forest segment is the result of the hard work of the massive crew from UNC-TV which descended onto Wake Forest for the piece. That is of course as long as everyone’s name was Alan Brown. Alan, who was apparently busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger, did all the interviews, video shooting, writing, video editing, and drove himself to and from the shoots.

Thanks for all the hard work Alan.

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