Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Miniature Patriotic Stripper Pole Spotted in Wake Forest

USA Stripper Pole_(25_of_25)-1

The other day I was driving through our beautiful little Wake Forest when I spotted this bench erected outside the fence of a house in a nice neighborhood. It confused me. I had to stop and take this picture.

I’m entirely not sure what is going on here. I get the fact the bench is painted a stripy version of patriotic and was supposedly setup so someone can sit on it at the corner. But what’s up with the threaded pole in the middle?

I realize Wake Forest is an artist destination but even I with a touch of art in me is left with a shoulder shrug on this one and left to fill in the blanks. The best I could come up with after staring at it for a few moments was, “alrighty then.”

So my best guess is maybe the pole was stuck in the center so people would not lay down on the bench. You know, like some places do to prevent homeless people from sleeping on the bench. But then I was left with someone felt nothing says I’m proud to be an American like preventing someone from laying on a bench. That doesn’t seem to fit. This is the land of the free and the brave and those that like to recline.

Outside of that wild guess I’ll throw out these possibilities. Maybe it is supposed to be plumbed and a sprinkler head installed to water the vegetables behind. The corn crop is looking good. Or maybe it’s just a little stripper pole for some height strained adults to enjoy in a Yankee Doodle way.

If anyone knows the real story of the patriotic pole bench, inquiring minds want to know.


  1. Where is this Gem, I simply must see it for myself !! Portal

  2. I'm thinking umbrella, to shade someone from the hot southern sun.

  3. Threaded? Maybe for a bird feeder?

  4. This is on the corner by my house. The pole holds an umbrella. That corner is the bus stop for the elementary school and the bench was put there for parents to sit while waiting.

  5. I live 2 houses down and it's for the moms to sit in the morning to wait for the bus and it has an umbrella!

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