Lovely Local Lady Launches Lemon Line – Limon

Jan Yurcheshen of Wake Forest is a creative soul. She seems to have a genetic entrepreneurial streak in her that leads her into new exciting efforts. From fudge, to gift baskets to her new line of lemon based products she’s a powerhouse and a dynamo.

Tucked away over on N. Wingate Street is the international headquarters of Limon. This is Jan’s brainchild of all natural skin products to help you feel refreshed, beautiful, luscious and most importantly, a little lemony and pampered.

I completely believe Jan when she says nothing brightens your day like spreading some lemon, oats, apricot, cucumber, lavender, beeswax, and peppermint on your body.

After sitting with Jan at her dining room table and smelling the products they tickled my nose and looked good enough to eat. Note to self, no more interviews like this before lunch again.

Jan stands outside the international headquarters for Limon.
Jan stands outside the international headquarters for Limon.

Jan started small, like a good home-based business should. She crafted the products and filled orders from the lemon room in the house. Those much enjoyed products began with research and experimenting with recipes and products on friends and family until the concoctions were just right. And once they were, people truly enjoyed them.

Things were cruising along just fine in the early days before Jan’s husband, Pratt Hambright, had a heart attack and struggled for about a year with this and that to get back on his feet.

But in the meantime, between taking Pratt to doctor visits and overcoming his open heart surgery and other issues, Jan persevered and kept developing her products and doing the occasional farmers market or craft fair.

As Pratt healed, Jan was able to get back to growing her line of all natural Wake Forest products which she says “contain no synthetic ingredients or chemicals.”

Jan has a beautiful website at that can do a much better job of explaining the products than I can. You can even place an order for some of here delicious goods there as well.

And while I was over at Jan’s beautiful house I had a chance to meet her husband Pratt. Now that he’s back on his feet he’s looking to get back to his real estate business. You can learn more about him at and if you are leaning to more of a conservative point of view, he’s probably the exact real estate professional you are looking for.

Jan has made it into a few stores, none of them local at the moment, but is all booked up with craft fairs and other outdoor markets in the months ahead.

After spending time with Jan it seems she’s probably priced the product too low so order your products now before she comes to her senses and realizes the prices need to go up.

Jan does it all right here in Wake Forest from making the different products, to bottling and packaging them, to tying the beautiful bows on the finished products.

Now it’s your turn to try them out for yourself.

If you’d like additional information about Jan’s products be sure to visit her website, email her at, or give her a call at 919-827-5423.

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