Here is How Millions of College Students Trading Sex for Student Loan Payments

While you would never consider trading sex and companionship with a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma, a lot of students in college are and this is how they are doing it.

According to, on their site alone they have identified millions of registered users identified as students who are looking for Sugars of the Momma and Daddy variety.

In fact the website has noticed such an interest in trading “companionship” for money to use towards student loan payments that they’ve even created Sugar Baby University.

Sugar baby University to Help Trade Companionship to Eliminate Student Loan Debt.

The Sugar baby University page says, “This year marks a ten year high for Sugar Baby students with over 1.2 million registered students currently seeking financial aid on A Sugar Baby in a successful arrangement will receive an average of $2440 per month in allowances and gifts from a Sugar Daddy.” – Source

FAFSA and grants can be a nightmare–that’s if you are approved. With’s Sugar Baby University, students from all backgrounds and income levels are welcome. No minimum GPA required. Join today and get your education paid for by a generous sponsor.

Look, I know what many are thinking by the time they reach this point in the post. But this trend is not new. I’ve been answering reader questions and talking to consumers for over a decade who were considering or are escorts to make student loan payments. Here is one post from 2011 – I’m a Lawyer Living in a Hovel in New York With Private Student Loan Debt and Thinking of Becoming an Escort.

Again, according to the SeekingArrangement website has “the largest combined number of Sugar Daddy (and Mommy) relationships with 3,244,980 people (as of July 2016).”

This situation of trading companionship, which often involves sexual contact, for money to pay for school may be a moral problem for you but the exploding cost of college and the desire to graduate debt free is a real concern for many. And the solution is nothing new. SeekingArrangement just found a niche to…tap.

How to trade sex and your sexuality to pay for college.

Besides the moral objection, SeekingArrangement does make a realistic statement when they say, “The percentage of college grads with student loan debt is higher than those that are employed full-time in a position utilizing their degree. Coupled with the uncertainty of a new presidency, many students are falling back on wealthy benefactors to fund their education.”

It seems the real question here is if we are more likely to be able to lower the cost of higher education or stop older me from wanting younger women. What do you think?

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