Town experiencing leaf collection delays

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The Town of Wake Forest is asking residents to be patient as crews work to collect large amounts of leaves along local streets and in neighborhoods and subdivisions throughout our community.

Crews are running several days behind schedule due to the high volume of leaves and because both Town vacuum trucks are out of service. One was damaged during vacuuming operations by sticks, rocks and other debris mixed in with leaves.

The Town’s vacuum equipment performs two primary functions: vacuuming and mulching. As leaves pass through the fan or impeller, they are ground into mulch. When items other than leaves, such as rocks, bricks, bottles, and tree limbs, attempt to pass through, the fan or motor can be damaged.

In addition to costly equipment repairs, excess debris can injure our crews and result in scheduling delays

In the meantime, officials are again reminding residents to follow these tips when preparing leaves for collection:

  • Rake leaves into piles behind the curb, so they do not interfere with traffic or drainage.

  • Again, do not mix sticks, rocks, pine cones, limbs or other debris with loose leaves. The Town’s vacuum equipment is only designed to pick up loose leaves. Your cooperation will help prevent mechanical breakdowns and collection delays.

  • Place limbs and brush behind the curb in a pile separate from leaves. Limbs and brush larger than one inch but smaller than six inches in diameter must be no longer than six feet. Limbs and logs larger than six inches in diameter must not exceed two feet in length. Logs must not exceed 10 inches in diameter.

  • Keep brush away from other objects such as, fences, walls, water meters, utility poles, mailboxes, fire hydrants and cars.

Also, contracted work performed by tree service companies or independent contractors will not be collected by Town crews. Instead, it is the responsibility of the contractor to remove and properly dispose of debris.

The Town of Wake Forest appreciates the patience and cooperation of citizens.

Wake Forest residents can track the progress of leaf collection crews by calling the Leaf Collection Hotline at 919-435-9582. The hotline is updated each weekday morning by 8 a.m. with information concerning where crews will be working that day.

For more information about the Town’s leaf collection program, visit or contact Betty Pearce at or 919-435-9570.

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