Do You Want a New Start?

Big hat tip to Shannah for sending in this license plate. Now I can only hope this plate was supposed to read ANU START or A NU START. Otherwise it sure looks like ANUS TART which would be an incredibly uncomfortable thing to advertise.

It seems the plate origin is actually from the television show Arrested Development.

After his father-in-law was exonerated and mother-in-law was arrested, Tobias and Lindsay decided to take a brief break to discover their purposes in life. Tobias was also appalled by Lindsay’s revelation that the entire Bluth family thought he was gay. At the model home Tobias happened across a copy of Eat, Pray, Love and ripped off the Eat and Pray sections and, like Lindsay, decided to take a spiritual trip to India with the mantra “A New Start”. He even obtained an ANUSTART license plate. – Source

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The only thing more regrettable might be:


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