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Whether you are looking for a fire truck for your business or a school activity, First-In Fire Company has the truck for you.

First-In Fire Company offers two American La France, registered historical trucks for you to choose from. American La France is no longer in business, however, when the company made fire trucks, they did not make models–meaning each truck was tailored to fit the fire station it was made for. No truck is the same.

When you choose First-In Fire you have two trucks to choose from: Pumper Truck or Ladder Truck. The 1985 Pumper Truck was received by Long Island and has been out of service since 2009. Amazingly, the truck still holds 500 gallons of water.


The Ladder Truck, on the other hand, was built-in 1976 and was called Tele Squirting because the 50 foot ladder has a nozzle on the end, which can move up or down, turn 360 degrees, or bend at a 90 degree angle. The Ladder Truck holds 250 gallons of water and was given to the City of Romulus (near Detroit’s airport).

The Ladder Truck has a rich history, too. It was the first responder to the Northwest Airlines crash in 1989, and this Ladder Truck carried the men, who rescued the crash’s only survivor. The truck has two plaques adorning the front grill, which tell its history. First-In Fire has the original invoice from the truck’s purchase–$123,000. Today, similar trucks sell for millions.

So, why use First-In Fire for your business? We give you cutting-edge attention, which no other promotional company can offer. Packages start at $275 (2 hour time slot), and $125 for each additional hour. For an affordable price, you will see how much everyone loves a fire truck no matter their age.

First-In Fire also has comprehensive educational packages. We always begin teaching children age-appropriate fire safety. Additionally, we show children the fire fighter’s gear and what a fire fighter looks like in an emergency. This prepares the children not to be fearful if they ever see a fire fighter in action.


The children are allowed to explore the gear and ask the fire fighters questions. Then they can tour the fire engine–the front, the back, the tools–everything and anything. If time permits, the children can try their hands at spraying a fire hose. Finally, it’s picture time.

If you want more individualized attention for your child, they can ride to school in a fire truck, or have a fire truck at their birthday. It’s a great way to make your child feel special. Call First-In Fire, and we will customize an experience your child will never forget.

Whether you want to drum up a little business with eye and ear catching lights and sirens, educate children, or make one child feel special, First-In Fire Company is who you should call. We’ll take care of all your fire truck needs.

Writer Credit: Christopher Williams and Morgan Laine
Photo Credit: Wake Forest News and Lee Wilson

Owners Dwight and Chrissy look forward to making your next birthday party and event the kids will remember, forever.
Owners Dwight and Chrissy look forward to making your next birthday party and event the kids will remember, forever.

4 Alarm Party Package – Pumper is 245 and Ladder truck 265.
The perfect party package includes up to 12 children

  • 45 minutes with the fire truck and crew
  • Fire Hats and badges
  • Fire Presentation (if desired)
  • Spray the hose with their friends. We have a 500 gallon water capacity!
  • Demonstration and exploration of tools and hoses
  • Fire gear try-on for children and adults
  • When appropriate, children and adults can take a ride in the truck around the neighborhood or parking lot at parade route speed~!
  • Birthday child can ride into their party with the firefighter and an adult, or they can watch with excitement for the truck to come with lights and sirens with all their friends!

**Package includes up to 12 children, each additional child is $2.50.

Each package includes one fire fighter and one to two crew members depending on party size
up to 15 miles according to Google Maps, $1.50 per mile thereafter

For more information First-in Fire Company on Facebook, Web, or 919-875-4322 or 919-395-4089.

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