“Die Happy” – The Happiest Guy in Wake Forest

If you’ve been around the Wake Forest area for a while you might have seen the nicest guy in the world riding his bike with his boom box on the front. He plays tunes, waves, smiles and just seems like a tremendous asset to Wake Forest.

Every time I see him he’s always going the other direction and I never get a chance to catch him and talk.

Yesterday I finally snagged the man and got a chance to shoot a quick interview with him on the fly.

You will notice that I failed to ask his name or much more about him. But it was simply because I was completely blown-away by his glowing positive view of the world. I truly believe he just wants to be happy and share happiness with everyone.

Next time I catch him I’ll get more details but I think the brief encounter above captures the essence of what is trying to achieve with the rolling salsa bike.

I now have a man crush on the dude.

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