I Can’t Get My Grades Because I Owe University of Phoenix


Dear Steve,

I went to University of Phoenix. Tuition went up. Paid for one class out of pocket and the stop. I owe them $2,700. Tried to do settle but no luck. Years went by and I went to San Jacinto community college in Pasadena, Texas. I took a class online and paid $450 for the class. A database search was done but was not told that this was done. After completing the class I was told they will not release my grade because they don’t have a transcript from University of Phoenix. It’s not because I owe them but because they don’t have a transcript from the other college. What do I do?



Dear Vee,

According to the University of Phoenix, “Students will need to be in compliance with their University of Phoenix financial plan to be eligible for official transcripts.” – Source

Your transcript is collateral against money owed to the school. The online school should release the grade you received from a class you took with them but if it was some sort of certification program that was dependent on transfer credits from the University of Phoenix I can see them demanding an official transcript from the University of Phoenix.

The best bet would be for you to contact the University of Phoenix and attempt to negotiate either an unofficial copy of your transcript if the new school will accept that or some sort of financial arrangement that will lead to the eventual release of the transcript.

One final option would be for you to contact your State Department of Education to see if there is a State law that may require the school to release your transcript. It’s a long shot but worth investigating.

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