Citizen Issue Reported: Major Pothole – Causing Traffic Hazard

Wake Forest Issue Reported on Wed, 21 Feb 2018 10:10:08 -0500: Major Pothole – Causing Traffic Hazard at Address: 1504 Oak Grove Church Road Wake Forest, North Carolina
Rating: 1

There is a major pothole that has grown so much to the point where the inbound lane going into Wake Forest has become what looks to be washed out or completely obliterated to the point where it has become a major hazard to traffic. The Pothole is on an S-Curve on Oak Grove Church Rd near Smith Creek.

Traffic going down that road now has to go into the oncoming traffic lane to avoid hitting the hole that can cause damage to ones vehicle. I could see how a head-on collision could occur there during the daytime due to not being able to see headlights coming around the corner.

I know you probably get lots of requests about issues like this, but I feel that this is probably the most dangerous one in the town as of now.

Thank you for the work that y’all do, I really appreciate you keeping our roads well-kept! I would like to see something done pretty soon though.

Please feel free to email me at “” or call (919) 614-0013 if you would like to discuss it.

Thank you so much!

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