Rolesville Resident Get’s Five-Star Lit With Vampire

Dan Murphy, Rolesville resident and author of the acclaimed Julie McNamara Mystery series, is pleased to announce the release of his fourth novel, Johnny Walker’s Gold. Mr. Murphy indicated that the book earned a 5-star review from the independent book review service, Readers’ Favorite.

“It is very gratifying to have this sort of recognition. Nearly three years in the making, this proves the old adage that hard work pays off,” Mr. Murphy said. “Johnny Walker’s Gold stands along two of the earlier books, Johnny Walker’s Red, and Johnny Walker’s Black, as 5-star review winners.

The books follow the trials and tribulations of investigative reporter Julie McNamara, who makes her living “sticking her nose in other people’s business.”

The books are available at Amazon, and readers can learn more by visiting


Vampires, bondage, sex…Johnny Walker’s Gold has it all !

Veteran LA Times investigative reporter Julie McNamara is at it again! Her boss has given her the assignment of a lifetime…investigating the BDSM lifestyle in Los Angeles. But, things take a sinister turn when Julie is asked to investigate the disappearance of a young vampire devotee.

Follow Chloe, a Chicago transplant from Chicago, as she seeks redemption and recovery from drug abuse. Her former brother in law has a wicked plan to help her. Will she survive it? – (From author website)

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