Prolific Local Resident Can’t Be Stopped. New Book Out.

Now here is the type of press release you get from a creative person. I love it.


Mark Cantrell, Wake Forest resident and author of The Everything Weather Book; Saddam: The Face of Evil and Sixteen Minutes from Home: The Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster, as well as a seemingly infinite number of magazine articles, is delighted and not a little relieved to announce the release of his labor of love, A Weird-Oh World: The Art of Bill Campbell from Schiffer Books.


“Man, I’m glad that’s over,” Cantrell commented recently, massaging his sore fingertips and nursing a glass of Glenfiddich single malt Scotch whiskey. “Bill had better appreciate it; I wouldn’t undergo a three-year slog like that for just anybody.” Fortunately, the 94-year-old Campbell called the author after receiving his review copy and was very complimentary, which is good enough for Cantrell.

Campbell, a multi-talented individual who is equally adept at sculpture, painting, advertising work and many other disciplines, created the iconic Weird-Ohs model kits in the 1960s. They sold for a dollar, which was just inside the young Cantrell’s allowance cutoff point, and must have made quite an impression on the lad or he wouldn’t have gone to so much trouble to bring Campbell’s story to the world, a process which not only bruised his fingers but literally drove him to drink.

A Weird-Oh World: The Art of Bill Campbell is now available on Amazon and at Schiffer Books. As Cantrell receives a small percentage from each book sold, he recommends the higher-priced outlet. For no information about the book because the author hasn’t had time to update his website yet, see

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