Wake Forest News FREE App Launches for iPhone and Android

A while back I told you how I was plowing my way through building a smartphone application for Wake Forest News readers to use.

The first version of the iPhone app is out.
The first version of the app is out and looks like this.
This project was going to consist of two steps. I was going to write and launch the iPhone version first and then tackle the Android version.

Well today I am happy, and kind of proud, to announce the first public release of the iPhone and Android apps for the Wake Forest News. Making it through the coding, submission, and approval process took a bit more time than expected.

It’s Free!

It might not be the greatest thing since sliced bread and I already have updates and changes planned, but it is at least a toe out the door on this new journey.

The application will allow you to:

  • Read the latest stories and posts.
  • Listen to te Wake Forest area police and fire scanner.
  • See what is happening in our area. (Not in love with this feature and it might be replaced in a future update.)
  • Take a picture and send it in if you spot something funny or interesting.
  • Email Wake Forest News.
  • Join the daily email list.

When you download the application, please accept “push notifications” since this app will replace the current email notification list.

If you do download the app, please feel free to give it a thumbs up or a kind rating on the App Store. I’m not sure that will mean anything to anybody but it will make me feel a bit better for investing the hard work and time to make this happen.

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