A Love Letter to the Wake Forest Police Department

Recently I was disappointed to learn that some took inadvertent issue with a recent posting I made about the Wake Forest Police Department charity golf tournament coming up.

As I said in that article, it is a great event put on by good peeps. But this article is really not about that article.

In an effort to bring more attention to the good works of the Wake Forest Police Department I have poked fun and used some attention getting headlines to get people to pay attention to the awesome professional work the WFPD does.

I’ve always considered the people over at the WFPD to be like good friends, brothers and sisters. You know, the kind you rib and poke fun at times but you’d stand to defend them if anyone gave them a hard time.

Every person I have ever met at the Wake Forest Police Department has been a great person, a professional, a skilled law enforcement officer and/or a skilled technician.

My respect for the people there extends from the property clerk to investigators to the Chief to the officers, and to the very talented dispatchers, who are awesome by the way.

The WFPD has its critics at times and that’s to be expected. Everyone and everything does. Then again, nobody looks back favorably on a midnight foot chase with weed in their pocket or a side-of-the-road DUI arrest. Let’s not forget the odd shoplifter who gets an introduction to a WFPD officer or the citizen who gets a ride to the jail in the back of a WFPD car or SUV. They just are not going to be too thrilled, but that understandable.

I personally feel better and safer knowing the WFPD is here, watches out for all of us, and is so dedicated at doing their job. I’m proud of them and the work they do.

I suppose it’s my issue about how my sarcasm comes across in words. There isn’t a key here on my keyboard to show when I’m trying to be sarcastic. Italics and underlines I’ve got. Sarcasm, nope.

It’s one thing to stand up for law enforcement as a matter of patriotism or general pride. I get how some people blindly do that. But in my humble opinion not all law enforcement departments are equal. Some are just okay, some are average, some don’t seem to like their job, and some are power-hungry.

Even in our little part of the world around Wake Forest we have different law enforcement departments that come into play and who seem to have different personalities.

But at the top of my list is the Wake Forest Police Department because I just think they are that good overall under the leadership of Chief Jeff Leonard. I don’t know what that guy eats for breakfast but I want some of that.

So here is what is going to happen when I post this, someone is going to have an issue and post some crappy comment. My advice is just ignore them and realize they are the vast minority of people around here.

I suppose there is a lesson to be learned here and I’ll learn it but don’t let anything I might have said cause you to have less respect or pride in the Wake Forest Police Department. They are true community champs that put their lives on the line to protect you.

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