Help Toby Recover

Diane wrote me about Toby, a dog in trouble that needs our help.

Toby is a good dog in a bad spot.

A couple found Toby severely injured dog in a ditch between Knightdale and Wendall this weekend. They took the dog to the vet. He is in very bad shape.

He is a male, yellow lab between the age of 5 and 7. He has a jaw that is broken in 3 places and leg injuries.

photo1Toby had surgery this morning. He had to have some of his jaw removed and still has nerve damage to his front leg. We are not sure if he will need amputation but are praying it heals and will not.

Toby needs extensive care at this time. On top of the jaw surgery there were X-rays and blood work and numerous teeth that needed to be extracted due to his injury. Not to mention a lot of medication and sedation. The woman who found him set up the web site donation page to help fund his medical expenses. He will need to stay at the vet for a few weeks as he needs 24 hour care. We can not believe how many wonderful, generous people have come forward to help this poor dog.

Diane asked, “Would you be able to run this story with pics I sent you and the link for his medical fund. We would love to build his fund so that he can get the care he so deserves and needs!”

Always ready to help a good dog in a tough spot, here is the article and for those that wish to help Toby, here is the link for donations.

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