Do We Know Everything Yet About the Louisburg Hospital Downsizing?

A reader has sent in a message that indicates there may be more to the staffing changes and adjustments to the future of the Franklin County hospital in Louisburg. The previous story is here.

According to a reader, Novant has stated that the ER will remain open but several things are pointing toward it potentially disappearing in the future.

Allegedly the emergency room staff was told the ER department is only guaranteed to be safe for six months. What happens after that is uncertain.

And allegedly this morning the ER Nursing Director was let go and an upcoming nursing skills fair was cancelled.

Will there be more to this story? Uncertainty abounds.

And another piece of information contributed in Facebook comments was a statement that while the hospital said they were going to keep 15 beds open, allegedly 13 of those are contracted for psychiatric care. That seems to leave just two beds for hospital patients.

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