Franklin Medical Center Takes Issue With Article

Yesterday I published this article about the reductions taking place at the hospital in Louisburg. Following the publication of the article I heard from Kathryn Knight, the PR/Marketing Specialist
for Novant Health.

Knight took issue with a statement a reader sent in about the ER having a possible limited future. She said, “it was never communicated that the ED might be unsafe after six months. We plan to keep that emergency room open to provide for the residents of Franklin County. As the only hospital in the county, we recognize the community needs convenient, affordable healthcare.”

I asked Knight last night if she could guarantee readers the ER would remain open a year from now. There was no response by the time I published this article.

Update 11:54 AM

Knight responded, “We have no plans to close the ED and feel that the ED will be important service to residents of Franklin County. Steve, please understand that this restructuring was a very difficult decision that we take very seriously. We understand the impact to our staff who work hard to serve our patients and support our mission.”

Knight also said, “the fact that two beds were left for inpatient acute care was communicated up front in the press release I sent to you on Tuesday. This article seems to suggest otherwise even though the initial article on Wake Forest News says “15 inpatient beds; 13 reserved for geriatric behavior patients and two beds for inpatient acute care services.”

She is correct. That information was in the original release posted here. The new bit of information submitted by a reader was the allegation the 13 reserved beds were actually contracted out to another entity and not available as Franklin Medical Center inpatient beds. The statement made by the reader was a clarification, not new information.

Since it seems the Franklin Medical Center may have some unused space in the near future I’ve come up with a list of suggestion for the use of that space.

  1. Curling Arena. Curling is a sport that is perfect for a mostly sedentary lifestyle. It keeps you cool in the summer and you can easily drink beer while you play. Bonus!
  2. Remote Probation Office. Can you ever have too many of those?
  3. Aids Clinic. A place where people can go to learn how to assist people with school homework and aid them in their studies.
  4. Adult Boutique. Apparently they are needed everywhere judging by driving down Capital Boulevard into Raleigh.
  5. Storage Space. As fast as storage places appear maybe we could just convert some really nice old hospital space as a place to put all that crap you can’t bring yourself to throw away, yet want to pay to keep.

Please feel free to add any other uses you can think of, in the comments.

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  1. i wouldnt (and haven't) gone to that hospital for anything more severe than a sprained ankle. The best thing that could happen would be for wake med or duke to take it over as a satellite ER department with limited outpatient services (think dialysis). And hire competent staff. Because when the ER department can't diagnose a bad case of poison ivy (true story), they need to find other careers.

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