Removal of dead and diseased street trees is underway

Town of Wake Forest News

Crews are in the process of removing several street trees throughout Wake Forest which have been identified in the Town’s tree inventory database as “dead” or “in poor condition.”

Street trees are located within the public street right of way or within a street tree easement, measuring eight feet inside private property. The Town was granted the street tree easements for the purpose of tree maintenance and care.

At the time a street tree is removed, Town crews notify nearby residents by door hanger. Each door hanger also provides contact information for Urban Forestry Coordinator Jennifer Rall.

According to Rall, once a tree is removed and utility locates are performed, the tree crew returns to grind the stump. The address is then placed on the Town’s tree replacement list to receive a new tree.

The Town’s tree planting season runs from October 1 through March 31. The Town strives to re-plant as many trees as possible during this time, but the number of trees planted depends on a number of factors, including funding.

The Town donates the usable wood from trees that are cut down to families in need of firewood. The smaller limbs and branches are chipped up and distributed as wood chips.

For more information about street tree replacement in Wake Forest, visit or contact Urban Forestry Coordinator Jennifer Rall at 919-435-9565 or

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