Amazing Service From Wake Forest Discount Tire

When a local business does an awesome job and I catch them in the act, I’ve just got to praise them and share the good news.

This afternoon I went over to Discount Tire at 11212 Capital Blvd. It might be a bit hard to find but it’s on the same road with Red Robbin.

I had a tire that I thought had a slow leak so I dropped in to see if they could help.

It was my very first visit there. Roberto ran out to the parking lot to meet me and I explained the situation. He said I should not worry, they’d take care of it, and do it for free.

Yes that’s right, apparently they repair tires for free. That’s worth remembering.

Roberto, Matt, and the store manager Kenyatta Peppers were the nicest folks you can imagine. Even the guy that brought me my car after a quick ten minute visit was nice. I didn’t get his name, Rats.

It seems I had two nails in that tire, and now I don’t.

So a big hat tip to the most amazing service and exceptional customer service attitude at Discount Tire.

6 thoughts on “Amazing Service From Wake Forest Discount Tire”

  1. I had a blow out a few months ago on my car I've only had for 1 yr. Not only did they give me a good deal on a replacement tire they gave me (for a really cheap price) a warranty on my other tires, free replacment! I haven't had to worry about being taken advantage of here at all!

  2. I had the same experience. My tire had gone flat on Sunday and I had to unfortunately put a can of Fix-A-Flat in it to limp it in to Discount on Monday. They were super nice, super FAST, and super FREE! We will never buy tires any where else!

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