Wake Forest Police Department Celebrates Kyra’s Last Day

Today marks the last day for Wake Forest Police Department K-9 Kyra. After eight years of dedicated service, she is retiring.

It’s also the last day she will wear her tiny police badge around her neck. Kyra’s driver, at least that’s probably what she thinks, is Officer Pender. They’ve been loyal partners for the last eight years together through all sorts of incidents and events.

Kyra is going to a wonderful retirement and will be tucked in at night in the loving Pender home. I wouldn’t be surprised if she decided to toss all her training aside, now that she’s retired, and just lounge on the sofa watching Animal Planet. Actually, she’d probably change it to Cops when the Pender family left the room.


In honor of her last day on patrol I had the pleasure of photographing Kyra Pender at work.


While some might think this is just the last day for some dog at work, it is clear that Officer Pender and Kyra share a special bond and she will be missed.

In celebration of her last day, Officer Pender’s wife even painted Kyra’s nails pink. Nice touch.


Advice to any perp, I’d cross the Pender house off your list, Kyra may be retired but she hasn’t forgotten what to do.

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  1. Thank you Kyra for your years of dedication and service. Now it is time for you to try and relax and enjoy being at home full time with your partner. I am so thankful that you are getting to stay with your partner after you retire because there is a bond between the two of you that no one will ever be able to come between. Try to enjoy your retirement because you have certainly earned it!

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