WFHS Football Coach Sadly Loses One to the Nipper

WFHS football coach Reggie Lucas has been a leader of teams and an inspirational coach to many. But a number of media outlets (WNCN, ABC11, News & Observer) are reporting his recent arrest for DWI. In fact it is being reported across the nation.

Lucas has an impressive football record of 84-17 but now he also has a much less impressive record of a .17 blood alcohol level, more than twice the legal limit.

Allegedly Lucas was observed swerving across the center line and driving in the shoulder. The arresting officer noted a strong odor of alcohol and the suspect had red, glassy eyes.

Wake County Public Schools has suspended Lucas as the head coach while the matter is under review.

I already suspect some are already going to be critical of the reporting of this event. Lucas certainly has a loyal local following and has been a great coach.

Reggie Lucus Mug Shot

But the community should expect the same level of accountability of him as he expects of his student athletes on the field. Certainly as a great coach he would expect no less.

The event isn’t like he claimed an extra deduction on his income taxes, his actions could have killed someone, maybe even a Wake Forest High School student out late that night on Ligon Mill Road.

Right now Reggie Lucus needs the community to support him in accepting responsibility for his actions, as a true leader would. Rather than become the worst thing to ever happen to Lucus, he could make it a defining teachable moment for the students he loves and leads.

As I say, there is no sense wasting a perfectly good mistake. Let’s find some good in all this sad mess and help Lucas to move forward without the impaired driving.

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