Wake Forest PD Arrest Alleged Murderer and More Yesterday

Jonte Wall of Franklinton, arrested for murder.
Jonte Wall of Franklinton, arrested for murder.
I don’t know what kind of mad spell has settled over Wake Forest in these low winter clouds we’ve had, but yesterday was a good day for good guys in dealing with bad times.

Yesterday day the Wake Forest Police Department made a arrest in the fatal November stabbing case of 21-year-old Edgar Hardison outside a local dance.

Jonte Tyvon Wall, 19, who works at Walmart in Raleigh, was charged with murder in connection with the fatal stabbing of Hardison.

Wall is currently being held in the Wake County Jail. His first court appearance will be on Wednesday.

The investigation of this case in ongoing. Additional information will be provided as new details emerge.

I have no clue what those details will be but there is almost nothing I can think of that would justify the tragic loss of Hardison’s life and the loss of Wall’s life into the prison system if he is convicted for playing a part in this community shameful act.

Is it time to close the borders a build a fence between Wake Forest and Franklinton?

Chicken waitress is Abad.
Abad chicken waitress.
While looking up details on the arrest yesterday I could not help but notice another arrest. A 32-year-old Abad waitress at the most delicious Tropical Pickin’ Chicken place on S. Main Street, was arrested on a fugitive warrant out of Miami, Florida for burglary, kidnapping, assault, armed robbery, and some probation violations. The reason she was Abad, her name is Barbara Abad. Ironic, huh?

Thankfully, the Wake Forest Police Department got their perps and maybe a little tasty chicken to-go as well.

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  1. So since you decided to make my arrest public (which I have no problem with BTW) … I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Barbara Abad and yes I was arrested on those charges but obviously although it was important for you to post my arrest and charges it wasn't important enough for you to do some basic investigating and fund out that the charges I was arrested on were from 1997 when iwas 14 years old . AND that I served a ten year sentence in prison for those charges. Yes I made a mistake 18 years ago and I am still paying for it. The reason I was classified as a fugitive was because I was unable to make payments in my probation back in 2010 because I was pregnant and thanks to judgemental people I was not able to get a good job despite the fact that I am trained and certified as a paralegal , a help desk analyst, Aplus certified, and a cardiovascular fitness instructor. I honestly thought people in NC were different and a bit more understanding. And I will say that yes I was employed at tropical picken chicken and working there and serving such a great clientele is the best job i have ever had randy Hernandez hired me ten days after the birth of my youngest son. I wasn't even healed from the c section but randy gave me a chance to provide for my family and everybody at TPC became my family. I am very sorry that my arrest was associated negatively with the restaurant but the truth is that I would have never been arrested there if wake county had done their paperwork right when in 2013 I was arrested for this warrant and was i told that the state of Florida was not interested in my arrest. Anyways I don't know why I felt the need to explain myself but I hope that the mistakes I made as a young and dumb 14 year old does not affect my beautiful loving and supportive family. My sons Isaac and Zechariah deserve better than that and I teach them everyday not to judge people for their mistakes they seem to understand the concept at ages 1 1/2 and 4 so maybe its not impossible for the adults to follow their suit

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