Citizen Issue Reported: Debris and over grown weeds.

Wake Forest Issue Reported on Tue, 15 May 2018 14:18:53 -0400: Debris and over grown weeds. at Address: 115 West Juniper Avenue Wake Forest, North Carolina
Rating: 1

The vacant lot at the corner of N. Main and Juniper is really an eyesore. The Hugh pile of debris is not just a mound of dirt. There’s metal, glass plastic and other materials. The property owner maintains most of the lot visiable from N. Main but there is about 10-15 feet of overgrown weeds and vines. This is a perfect setting for mice, rats and snakes.
During heavy rains, water runs off this debris pile and floods my driveway. I’m convinced this must be against city ordinance and a black eye to our beautiful historic district
Thank you for your time and consideration
Robert Ravenscraft

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