Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Too Damn Hot. Wake Forest to Dome.

Too Damn Hot. Wake Forest to Dome.

Temperatures in Wake Forest have been soaring and hot days are becoming much more brutal. In an effort to deal with the multiyear forecast of hotter days ahead, Wake Forest has elected to build a giant dome over the town.

“The dome will not only allow us to regulate the year-round temperature of the town to a steady 72 degrees, it will also allow us to generate electricity for residents at a reduced rate.”

The dome was originally proposed by Duey Buildembig as the weather of San Diego in a bottle.

“San Diego has great weather. We used it as our environmental model when we first started constructing these town domes.”

The construction company also offers a premium San Diego beach upgrade as well.

Wake Forest isn’t the first town to signup for this comfortable cap. Other towns like Accident, Maryland and Coffee City, Texas, both jumped on the bandwagon early.

Buildembig said, “Wake Forest has not opted for the San Diego weather dome upgrade so it will be set at a constant temperature day and night. It’s not unusual for new dome customers to take this less expensive way out.”

Some people approached and asked their opinion about the dome had some strongly felt feedback.

  • “We don’t want that damn San Diego weather even though it is lovely. It’s from that liberal place in California that’s too near that Mexican border. We don’t want no Mexican weather here.”
  • One resident kept chanting “Build that dome. Build that dome” and would not allow us to ask them any specific question so we waved and moved on.
  • “I think the dome sounds wonderful. We moved here to get away from the snow in New Hampshire and the bugs in Florida. This project should increase the value of all properties in Wake Forest and demonstrates the forward thinking of the Town and its leaders.”
  • Are you serious? You’re not serious? Seriously? Hey Jim, get over here, this is serious.
  • Another resident just began to cry and would not stop hugging us until the Build That Dome respondent came back and freed us.

An advantage cited for the dome is it will greatly reduce the theft of LimeBikes since access in and out of domed Wake Forest will obviously have to be controlled through regulated access points.”

Early designs showed these access points to employ similar features as once floated in the proposal to implement border guards in Wake Forest.

One complication that appears unable to be overcome is the cancellation of the Wake Forest International Airport with the dome in place.

One official said, “You win some, you lose some. Crashing airplanes into the glass dome doesn’t sound like a smart idea so we had to abandon the airport but an attached spaceport isn’t out of the question.”

Other advantages of the dome will be year-round Pickle Ball and the ability to actually swim in the Town pool once it is finished construction.

A disadvantage of the dome is that all residents will be required to drive electric vehicles. However, to make the transition easier, some electric vehicles will come with diesel truck sound generators and fake exhaust smoke.

Here is the prototype.

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