Wake Forest residents urged to provide contact information for town-to-resident notification system

Town of Wake Forest News

The Town of Wake Forest utilizes the Blackboard Connect town-to-resident phone notification service to communicate with residents regarding time-sensitive incidents, including planned and unforeseen public safety matters.

Blackboard Connect allows officials to record, send and track personalized voice messages to Wake Forest residents, businesses and local agencies in just minutes, through a single phone call. The Town can also deliver messages to subscribed residents via email and/or cell phone text message.

Town administrators can also target messages to an unlimited number of groups, including participants in Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources athletic leagues, and use maps on the Blackboard Connect system to contact specific geographical locations, sending messages only to the residents within select neighborhoods when needed. 

Publicly available primary residential and business phones in Wake Forest were automatically included in the system when the Town transitioned to Blackboard Connect in 2015, but many of those numbers are outdated. In addition, cell phone numbers and email addresses were not included.

In anticipation of Hurricane Florence, all residents are encouraged to opt-in and provide their complete contact information, including cell phone numbers and email, by visiting www.wakeforestnc.gov/phone-notification-system.aspx and clicking on the “Sign Up Now” Blackboard Connect logo.

“We only use Blackboard Connect to notify residents regarding important, time-sensitive issues, such as road closures, flooding, power outages or any other issue that may potentially pose a threat to safety,” said Communications & Public Affairs Director Bill Crabtree. “We recognize that most people don’t like being inundated with random telephone calls, so we only schedule calls when we deem it absolutely necessary.”

Residents who do not wish to receive phone notifications from the Town may opt out of the system by emailing their telephone number to [email protected] and typing “Blackboard Connect Opt Out” in the subject line.

For more information about the Blackboard Connect town-to-resident phone notification service, contact Bill Crabtree at 919-435-9421 or [email protected].

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