Free Publications about Credit and Debt

Do you work or volunteer with people who are concerned about debt or want to improve their credit? Then you might be interested in these three new free booklets. Delivery to your home or office is free, too. Each booklet also is available as an online article.

  • Getting Out of Debt has tips on dealing with car, mortgage and student loan debt. It also explains credit counseling, debt relief services and scams, as well as the two main types of personal bankruptcy.

  • Fixing Your Credit tells you how to order your free credit report online, by phone, or by mail using a form included in the publication. It also describes steps you can take to fix errors on your report and improve your credit, and how to spot a credit repair scam.

  • Debt Collection FAQs answers your questions about debt collection. It covers when and how a collector can contact you, what to do if you think you don’t owe a debt, and what your options are when a collector contacts you about an old debt.

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