Some WF Residents Guaranteed to Get Britches in Bunches Over Proposed Capital Blvd Changes

I’m not psychic but after looking at the proposed NC Department of Transportation changes for Capital Blvd you can see how some folks are going to go ballistic.

NC DOT wants to make these changes to help traffic move along. You know, that horrible traffic we all bitch about.

The public release on the project says, “The NCDOT is proposing to convert US 1/Capital Boulevard to a controlled-access highway from I-540 to Purnell Road (S.R. 1909)/Harris Road (S.R. 1931). A controlled-access highway is one on which access is provided only via ramps at interchanges. Some cross-streets will be grade separated, and no driveway connections will be allowed.” – Source

If you’ve lived in Wake Forest for more than a few years the proposed changes will make you feel like the area is really growing up. We might be losing some of that country charm but we are gaining better access.

Here is the proposal for some intersections you may recognize. And yes, that is a bridge over Capital from Purnell to Harris.

A bridge is proposed for Jenkins to Stadium.

And here is where a really big change is proposed. At Old NC 98, an entirely new way to enter the road is suggested.

The last big suggestion comes at Burlington Mills Road.

For more information and a place to direct outrage, click here.

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