Citizen Issue Reported: Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Florence issues (2)

Wake Forest Issue Reported on Sat, 13 Oct 2018 18:47:54 -0400: Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Florence issues (2) at Address: 1612 Frog Hollow Way Wake Forest, NC
Rating: 1

Due to the adverse weather, one of the trees behind our backyard area (in the city property limits) has fallen over and some other ones shown in the attached pictures are posing a threat to our safety since they are so close to the house. One of the trees in the attached pictures is leaning over on the other one that is already dried up and can collapse during any instance of an adverse weather. Please come and inspect the area and remove the trees if necessary. Thank you!
P.S.: I would appreciate it if you can please email me with a response at [email protected]
– Natallia Syzrantsava

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