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WolfNet Women Managers + Empowerment

WolfNet Women Managers + Empowerment

In 2018, women make up  only 20% of tech jobs in the United States. Among the leaders in technology, only 5% are women. WolfNet is proud to break the stereotype that the tech industry is predominantly male employed. 51% of our workforce is female and so is 63% of our management team.

For International Women’s Day, we asked our fearless female leaders, who assist in driving WolfNet forward, what it is like working for a company that helps to break the glass ceiling. This is what they had to say:

Liz N.Liz Nelson

Director of Product Development

I’ve spent my entire professional career at WolfNet, a company that has always championed women and men alike. Our management team is an almost even split between women and men, actually skewed slightly toward women. I don’t ever sit in a meeting and think about the number of women in the room vs men, and I consider myself very fortunate for that. It wasn’t an intentional effort to have a balanced management team, rather WolfNet cultivated a team based purely on merit. The fact that this resulted in a balanced team I think demonstrates that thinking of people in terms of gender is antiquated and without basis.

Regan R.Regan Richardson

Customer Service Manager

One of the great things about working at WolfNet is the amount of women in each department. Women in tech, sales, support, management and at the executive levels is empowering for everyone that works here. When you are able to see women in these roles, it allows you to know that they are possible for you as well. Working with women who genuinely want to see you shine and encourage you to do so makes it very easy to get out of bed each morning.

Laura_WahlLaura Wahl

Operations Manager

I feel lucky to have many strong women role models that I look up to and that have helped shape my professional development. I feel luckier still to be able to work with some of these people on a daily basis! Being in an office with strong leadership makes me feel proud.

Lee W.Lee Wilka

Business/HR Manager

I appreciate the overall diversity of our teams, and the way that has come about organically. We don’t limit ourselves to hiring or promoting based on gender, rather we always strive to find the person whose skill set best fits the role and team.

Jennie MacIntosh

Chief Operating Officer

As a female COO, I take my responsibility as a mentor to my team very seriously.  Helping those around me navigate paths for professional growth (career milestones, salary negotiations, leadership opportunities) is a passion of mine as I believe teaching our staff members to invest in themselves is an incredible skill to master.  I am proud to be part of a company that takes pride in having a diverse workforce.  We are 100% committed to finding the absolute best person for every role at WolfNet and believe firmly in equal pay and opportunity for every member of our Pack.

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