Become a Collaborative Citizen Journalist for Wake Forest News

Collaborative Journalists Needed – That’s You

Collaborate Wake Forest News

I’d love to admit I’m a super journalist and able to cover every story, be every place, and take every picture. The truth is no matter how much I race to and fro with all my flashing lights to cover things, I’ll never get the latest picture or biggest tip. Why, because the odds are just that I’ll always be on the wrong side of town, tied up, away, or in the middle of something else that prevents me from gathering the latest breaking information.

You see, Wake Forest News is just me, Steve. I’m a staff of one and a busy journalist with other writing responsibilities. Wake Forest News is a labor of love for me. I don’t charge anyone to read and make all the information available for free.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Trying to figure out how to best serve my readers who I universally love, respect, and appreciate. I desperately want to provide you with information you can use and of course make you smile and laugh every now and then.

This story concretely convinced me there is a better way for the Wake Forest News to gather information.

My strength is being the dude running the site, assembling stories, and getting the information out to all of us who care about Wake Forest.

What I’d like to propose is that I let the readers crowdsource more Wake Forest stories and help make Wake Forest News better by being a collaborative journalist. The truth is, Wake Forest News is just plain better when you participate.

Everything You Need is in Your Smartphone

If you carry a smartphone everything you need to report with is in your pocket. Your phone has a camera, video camera, and audio recorder. You can send your information in via email or complete the form below. You’ve got an entire newsroom packed inside your iPhone or Android phone that’s just waiting to be used.

Here is What You Can Do

If you see something, take a picture and tell me what you saw. If it is a police or fire scene, listen to what the emergency personnel says and don’t get in their way.

You don’t have to write an entire story, just share with me what you saw or learned. If you quote someone, put their statement in quotes and send their first and last name with the quote.

If you took a cool picture or have a community announcement to share, send it in as well.

For information on how to participate and submit material, click here.

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